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  • Wiwin Wiarsih Fakultas Ilmu Keperawatan Universitas Indonesia
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elderly, self-care, diabetes mellitus, without medication


Increasing of the number of elderly contributes to the increasing of prevalence of chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes mellitus. Diabetes mellitus requires long-term care through self-care. Theaims of this study to find out the experience of elderly on diabetes self-care. The study used qualitative method of descriptive phenomenology with in-depth interviews on nine participants. Interview results were analyzed using the Colaizzi method. The results of the study identified a variety of self-care diabetes, were regulates food, exercise, and blood sugar checking. Self-care has not been done consistently so it needs diabetes self-care guidelines, diabetes self-care education, and a community health nurse program that can foster elderly with diabetes mellitus.

Author Biography

Niko Dima Kristianingrum, Universitas Brawijaya

community health nursing. geriatric nursing


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